COE HONDURAN CUPPING: Change of Plans... We're going to Minneapolis to do it!!

anyone who wants to ride up to Minneapolis to cup the CoE's from Honduras with the folks at Cafe Imports, you are welcome... actually... Desired by the owner of Cultiva... to GO!!
Sign up by calling me asap... and get someone to cover your shift.

one catch...

You need to cup with me (CoE style) before you can go up there. I want us all to know what we're doing, and be calibrated, before we show up.

sound like fun? let me know. also planning to couchsurf. bring a pillow.

Departure time from Lincoln:
Monday 130PM SHARP.
Return from Minn:
Tuesday: after the cupping, which starts at 10AM, probably lasts a few hours, and hang out a bit, but get on the road no later than 4PM SHARP.

so, Monday afternoon and Tuesday's shifts will need covered. I only have room for two more people. Ian and I are going. it's all voluntary. I pay gas. that's it, and hotel if need be, but I doubt it. Seriously, it won't cost anything more than food.

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PS... we're bringin' along the Le Nez for the road trip to geek out on....
i have a final :( and i have to work.
I am trying to cover work @ my other job for this as we speak. >_>*
yay! i hope you can go mel!
So this is happening June 8-9, or or 15-16, just to be sure?
There is an additional option. Cafe Imports will be hosting the Nicaraguan CoE cupping on June 30th also. please let me know which one you all are interested in attending so I can let them know too.
Mel, It's the 15-16th. I hope to see you there!

That will be a smelly ride for all
Sounds like a sweet trip. I was just talking with Jason Long from Cafe Imports this morning. Have fun rock'n it.


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