I'm usually up for cupping anything after the noon hour. let me know what you all think. The biggest drawback is that I'm trapped at Cultiva from 8am-530pm everyday pretty much, so I can't go anywhere else unless it's at 6pm??? seemed to work at indigo the other day.

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cupping at indigo was awesome 6pm mon or wed works for me. cuppings at cultiva should be moved to 3pm? because I don't get out of class until 230.
i like the idea of cupping at indigo, or at least having the opportunity to. It would make it a lot easier for me at least, not to be too self serving.
I also like the idea of doing this around 530-630 at indigo. Seems like I have a captive audience and the aroma of roasted coffee is subdued compared to Cultiva's almost daily roasting schedule, which is also understaffed and underpaid, if paid at all. Basically... I'm down with Indigo. spread the word. I have my cupping flight case in tact. We may need more cupping bowls, but I'll take care of this. I left the water heater at Indigo. I'll most likely swing down on Saturday too. actually, plan on seeing me a lot these coming weeks/months around 530-630. tonight was especially eye opening. sad and inspiring at the same time. colombian. damn. this will be the key to the new Pioneer+ blend.. kenya . a sparkle of hope for a light roast. we will see. sidamo natural processed new arrival.. as expected... berry all over.
glad to hear bout the Sid and Kenya, Jon-san. Colo as expected.

Indigo seems a fine location for reasons of logistics and sensory perception. I'm all for it.
cupping at Indigo seemed cool. And that's right around the shift change so more people will be there..? also I found I like slurping things at the bookstore. Shit needs to get wacky there once in a while.
Tuesday at 530-545PM, Cultiva guy will get out his cupping flight case at Cafe Indigo and host a cupping event with two flights. It will last about 30 minutes to an hour. You are all invited to this ONE TIME FREE OF CHARGE cupping pass! Yes, that's right!! YOU WILL NOT NEED TO PAY TO ATTEND THIS EVENT, although I will put out a tipping jar for my free blind cupping lecture of the description of these coffees.


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