Espresso, how to improve its brewing skills?

        Espresso coffee brewing, it is not that easy, really.

        People made a lot effort and tried to improve its brewing quality.  How is it about till now, you all know better than me.

        Years ago, the WBC changed its rules for barista competition for the brewing times.  It was not limited in the time range of 25 - 30 seconds, any more.  It was clear that the people recognized the fact of useless for the time limitation.

        From then till now, there's no more improvement as far as I know.

        In fact, I do believe that the limitation for the water pressure to 9.0 bar is another important thing to change, for better result of the brewing quality for espresso and the people's knowledge about espresso.

        In China, some people started to set their machines' water pressure to 9.5 bar, or even higher, due to our recommendation.  We have no statistic figures for its results, but it can obviously offer more chance for people to make better espresso coffee, any way.


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