If you ever make it up to Ft. Wayne, stop by Higher Grounds for the best cup of coffee in the city.

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Or if you are in the Fishers/Indy area, come see Higher Grounds at 116th & Olio Rd in Fishers or coming soon to the heart of downtown Indy at 50 S. Meridian!
B java is Grrreat if you are in Indy, easy to get to, right by Eagle Creek Park just north of I-65 exit 121, Lafayette Rd.
If you're downtown Indy swing by Moe'Joe. 222 West Michigan. Sundays=$2 Lattes.
Penny Lane and the Wadi Cafe in Evansville are pretty good.
I hate to play favorites, but Old Crown Coffee Roasters in Ft. Wayne is doubtless the best I have had in the State. The owner is Mike Woodruff, he has an amazing palette, superb roasting skills, is an excellent buyer of green and an all-around awesome guy. If you make it to Fort Wayne for some strange reason don't miss a stop buy the roasterie for a cup of any of the 30 some odd varieties of fresh roast served up Clover, french press, americano or aeropress style (you can also have drip of course, but why would you want to do that?!).


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