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Ok, so for Purest, we want the world to be more green : )!!YEP so we came up with a committment of giving incentives to our customers..and it's working..so i thought i would share them with the group. We ask the customers to join in on the greening effort, bring their own cups, promote sustainable practices where they work at...and get 15% off on all drinks. If you guys got any other ideas, please let me know! thanks


The above was sent to me as an email and I couldn't find if it was part of a discussion.  


My reply; 
What about asking customers to pay a little more to support green initiatives in your shop; i.e. putting in a solar panel

Maybe having a specific drink(s) on the menu, stating that $0.25 or a % of each drink sold goes to your shops green-initiative fund.  


I also came across this site http://www.transitionnetwork.org 

The concept make sense, its local and community based. I wonder if a group of local businesses got together to form a Network? 

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Hi Derryl,

Thanks for sharing what worked at your cafe in engaging customers.  Do you ask customers to simply describe what they've done at work, etc.. or do you ask for any other info, details?  Are you finding that the 15% off on all drinks does not affect profit margins - b/c it engourages customer loyalty? Thanks for the details - it's so helpful to hear what works for certain cafes and how you get it to work, etc. - KIRSTIN


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