What was/is your favorite coffee or espresso from Grace cafe? I'll share mine after a few people have shared (as I don't want to colore their opinions)

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I have a couple of great experiences. I had my first Espresso Experience at Grace Cafe' at the hands of the barista master, Robbie Britt. Were it not for that moment, I may not be where I am today. It was a blend done in Ventura California by a small roaster called CoffeeBoy (now Marine Layer.) Mmmm....

Another amazing experience happened about 14 months ago when Robbie and I were tasting blends in order to find what we were going to decide on serving from then on. We had some unbelievable espressos. The world of espresso is so rich, diverse and exciting, and it was being opened to me in this time. We had everything from the deep full body and low acidity of Dr. Joseph John's Malabar Gold to the smooth, rich, full, sweet and textured Vita Dolce by David Shomer (sp? apologies). It was an amazing sensual and learning experience as we got to know so many different blends.

I have had a myriad of amazing experiences since then as far as new and exciting tastes go. But, these were experiences at "the cafe'" from which I have been molded and have grown. These experiences were priceless.


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