Anyone interested in purchasing green coffee from Antigua Guatemala?
Its a Genuine Antigua with certificates of origin, Finca La Joya, 
I currently have 148 bags of 100 pounds of green bean in New York City. All of it is vacuum packed in green, in 10 kg bags.

La Joya 
San Miguel Dueñas, SACATEPEQUEZ

La Joya is small and steep farm located on the slopes of Acatenango Volcano, facing the City of Antigua.

It was made 15 years ago and is mostly planted with Bourbon, Pache and Caturra. Starting at a high altitude, between 5,500 ft and reaching 6,200 ft above sea level, the coffee it produces is characterized by a rich balance of acidity and aroma with a chocolate after taste. 

It is also surrounded by a lush virgin forest that attracts many birds and other animals. The shade is Gravilea, mixed with native trees that provide an excellent protection from the sun and wind.

It produces between 250 and 400 bags of 69 Kg of premium Antigua coffee. The soil if very loose, sandy course, dark and rich. The combination of sunlight, rainfall and soil makes this coffee very unique and special.

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Farm profile


Geographic characteristics

Location: San Miguel Dueñas, SACATEPEQUEZ 
Area: 25 ha 
Altitude range: 5250 - 6400 feet
Type of soil and predominant element: Sand 
Shade trees: Gravilea and native trees


Climatic characteristics

Average temperature: 22°C
Annual rainfall: 950mm
Relative humidity: 40%


Coffee production characteristics

Harvest season: January to April
Drying process: Sun
Annual production: 500 (69-Kg bags)


Coffee lot to auction 
Rank: 23

Coffee lot: 15 (69-Kg bags) 
Varieties: Caturra, pache and bourbon 

Cup characteristics 
Sample: 369
Cupping description

citrus acidity 15 crisp bright acidity 16, smooth mouthfeel 6 orange 3, chocolate 5 floral 7 smooth 8 red apple 7 cherry 6

Flavor Sweetness Acidity Clean Cup Finish Balance Mouth-Feel Overall
5.975 6.15 6.225 5.85 5.825 5.9 6.225 5.95
Score: 84.1

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