Hi all,

I would appreciate any information or opinions my fellow coffee mates have regarding measuring syrups for espresso drinks.


I use Torani syrups and have used the pumps but didnt find them very consistent plus they seemed messy. I now use the pour spouts and prefer that baristas measure the dose of syrup in a shot class for each drink. Consistency is so important AND YET...i understand the need for speed. Many of my baristas use a counting while pouring technique which i find very inconsistent.


Help!! What do you do at your shop?


Thanks....see you at CoffeeFest!!


Sue Harnly

Eugene Coffee Company

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Hey Sue,
We use the shot glass technique with a small shot unless they ask for it extra sweet. It is easier to add then to take away. We have 2 stainless shots with one side small and the other big and wash them in between uses. It allows for consistency and lets the focus be on the coffee not the sweet.
good luck,
jessica hall
We use the pump method. The trick for consistancy is keeping the pumps clean. They do get sugar buildups on the nozel. 30 seconds under warm running water fixes this. We use a jigger to measure when we get to the bottom of the bottle, where the pump can't reach.


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