How did you name your coffeeshop?

I've got my theme and branding ideas but I haven't named my (near future) cafe. I want something creative and unique. Any ideas?

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I agonized over what to name my cafe, then went with Scandia Coffeehouse. We're in a small Scandinavian farming town in Pacific NW, my Norwegian ancestors homesteaded here, and there was a bakery in town for over 40 years named Scandia, which closed two years ago. I felt it would add to the heritage of our town to name it that. So far, everyone who hears the name either loves it, or they lie to me & tell me they do!

What is your theme? What is your hobby? What is your story? That's where I would start.

Good luck!
I want to sell just coffee and gelato. I love to travel and I'd like to sell different coffee from around the world, not just brewed. I also love to write and creative so a really insperational place is nice. I like the idea of having a coffee house as a 2nd office.

So pretty much the atmosphere will be travel/insperational
We have a fairly new coffeeshop in Collierville, TN. We are Square Beans Coffee. We are located on the Historic Town Square in our town. Hence....Square Beans Coffee....We had LOTS of other suggestions within our family, but this is the name that we all loved! One thing we did do before we made a decision - we checked to see if the domain name was available for our website - it helped that was available. Good luck in naming your shop.
Everything I could deal with, but naming the cafe took nearly eight months....aghhhhhhhhh and of course everyone has an opinion. But when you get the one you'll know. Here's a couple that got positive feedback...

To Bean Or Not To Bean
Coffee and Tea Pub
Coffee Cantata (name of a J.S. Bach composition)

I did a lot of exercises...word searches:
Things that rhyme with Java...things that start with J, C, E
Words and phrases that rhyme with Java: (24 results)

Criteria for me? Can my 76 year old mother say it? Could I imagine myself answering the phone everyday with it? Did it make me think happy thoughts? Was the internet domain name available? Was the business name available? (you can do a quick search on the internet and on your state's corporations commission or secretary of state site varies by state) and for me, Did it evoke the sense of fun!

My friends were beginning to doubt my judgement because it took so was like an albatross hanging over me... the final name? Paradise Perks (tropical theme...we're in sunny southern California, think Tommy Bahama meets coffee) in a planned community and we're scheduled to open in December.

Don't stress over it! Use the time to get all of your other ducks in a row. For me, the deadline of going to my lawyer's office finally pushed aside all other delays...and the name was inspired the night before I had to go see him and it was one that I hadn't even thought of prior to that day.

Just for the fun of it... what's your theme? Perhaps we can brainstorm with you...

Good luck!
My themes are travel and insperational. I want it to be a place writers/artists can come and be inspired but also educate coffee lovers about the process from farm to cup.
Clicky, Trendy, easy to say, easy to remember, not too lengthly or boring. look for words that remind you of traveling or maybe combine a word or too of a place you've been to that inspired you. Most of all try it out on all of your friends, see if they can rememember it and rate their comments. Coming up with a name can be very difficult but when you come across it, you'll know.
Why not the "Coffee House" or "House of Beans"

Grounds For Divorce
Make it personal, look at a lot of art & literature, get inspired by something. Our name (Kavarna) came from a photo of Prague, where it just means coffeehouse.

Avoid: Common Grounds, the Daily Grind, and Cool Beans
Jennifer said:
I want to sell just coffee and gelato. I love to travel and I'd like to sell different coffee from around the world, not just brewed. I also love to write and creative so a really insperational place is nice. I like the idea of having a coffee house as a 2nd office.

So pretty much the atmosphere will be travel/insperational

Keep it short and sweet.
The Coffee Shop I Manage is called Luna Rossa Gelateria and Espresso Bar, and it is a part of a neighboring business called Luna Rossa Trattoria and Wine Bar. These are great sounding names, and everyone can remember the first part, but the fact that both the names are very long and very similar make it hard for our customers to distinguish the difference. Luckily, we've created a recognition through our Trattoria, but marketing would be a lot easier if it weren't so much work to remember the names.
Beangiorno? Maybe too cutesy, but it evokes travel, coffee, fun. And it's unique as far as I know. Perhaps you've gotten your shop named by now, but I thought I'd throw this in.
I agree with keeping it very easy to say and remember. Short and sweet. Personally, I like to avoid Italian words (tough for english speaking folk) and I find names involving beans, grinds, or a strangely spelled version of 'coffee' to be a little lacking in originality. The type of shop you are setting up sounds somewhat similar to what I set up in that it is a large hangout and I have enjoyed traveling (no time anymore!). My family is all Kiwi and my mum is birder, so I went after some New Zealand birds for inspiration. I also researched the history of coffee and discovered that apparently the first cafe in Europe was called the Blue Bottle, which strangely enough is a pseudonym for a Portuguese Man-o-War (jellyfish). So I chose the Black Stilt, which is found in the same region my mum grew up in and follows a similar historical reference as the Blue Bottle! While the name doesn't evoke coffee straight up, if you do a good job with your shop and brand yourself well, no one will forget your name or mix it up with anyone else's. SOOOO, my advice, simple easy words, stay away from obvious coffee words and look back at your own family history and interests. Customer's love to ask why you named something unusual and if the explanation is good and family/personal, all the better!

Good Luck


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