Here's a great(!) book I got lately. It has 65 amazing recipes for cool drinks, cakes, and desserts, ALL having coffee in them:

Can't wait to get my hands on the "rich chocolate coffee" one ...

Enjoy :-)


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Thanks, man! This is fantastic. I'm ordering pronto.

I recently purchased this book for inspiration on drinks and sweets- the "old fashioned coffee soda" was a good one
there are interesting treats to test out as well.
Also there is a book called Hot Chocolate that has given me many ideas to embellish.
FYI- a great resource of course is your local library- I like to borrow books and test them out first. Right now I am looking through "The Best of Coffee" cookbook, - treats like grown up lollipops "Coffee Sticks" made with freshly brewed dark roast, corn syrup, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla and cinnamon.
...again coffee ice cream soda (there are always renditions of this classic)
not bad.
Hi Eyal,

I really like The top 100 International Coffee recipes (written by Mary Ward).

Anyone have any suggestions for a book of coffee drinks made with alcohol in them? Even though it's summer, I love a warm coffee toddy... and I am not alone!

just seen itwas a old post




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