DO you see the value of traveling to a coffee farm and learning about the process?

We have just opened a new program to allow people to join us for a week during the harvest but i am not sure if it will fly.  We ran an experimental version last April and we got two people to come down from CAN.


What is your opinion?  I would like to know, i dont want to keep investing time in promoting this course if no one is going to show up.


Please give me your honest opinion. 





PS: if you want to see the details of this course, click here:


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Hi Matias,

I see a lot of value in traveling to origin, specially for coffee enthusiast and further coffee shop owners, like myself, who want to learn more about coffee from origin to the other side of the pipe, the consumer.  I think all you need is perseverance and probably put some more effort in marketing.   Have you ever considering partnering with Barista schools in the USA so you can attract potential costumers like myself by referal?. Another thing to consider is coffee enthusiast and future coffee shop owners are not generating income yet so we are very conservative with our financial resources.  Perhaps you can offer some incentives for these particular target group.


All the Best,

Ruben Enriquez

Ruben, believe it or not but i just saw your response THREE YEARS LATER!

Anyway, the origin trip is now established (running on 01-11-2015 this time) but i think your idea of using the barista schools is an interesting idea, did not think of it.



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