Hi I am new to this group, and madly searching for an Espresso machine that requires no power to operate and heats with Gas. I am in New Zealand and want to put a machine into a mobile kitchen for our Scout Group, Camping's much better with a good coffee. Any help would be much appreciated.

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I'm sorry i can't help with your search. But i would like to note that you are the coolest scout leader ever. I am an eagle scout, and never in my years of scouting have i seen anything that resembles good coffee, much less a gas powered espresso machine.

If you are interested in something portable and good i would suggest either a regular old french press, or an aeropress. The aeropress doesn't look like much, but it packs a punch and makes a surprisingly good cup. Both are pretty cheap compared to an espresso machine and will give you some great results.

here are some aeropress videos to show you kind of what its all about:



you want to use whole bean coffee you can outfit your aeropress with a hario skerton hand mill http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.hario_skerton.php this will grind right into your aeropress and helps a lot in terms of freshness.

This isn't an espresso machine, and i don't like that they market it as one, but it does make good coffee and is portable enough for backpacking.

Hopefully that helps!

A lever espresso machine would be able to produce a shot if you could heat it without power, I am sure somewhere out there one has to exist in this respect.

or something like Mypressi, or this... (ignore the awful video audio)



all you need is gas to heat a water kettle yourself!


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