I come from Switzerland and there I sometimes meet with a friend (barista and coffee enthusiast). We have fun in experimenting with different coffee drinks... i.e. mixing coffee and some other ingredients. Sometimes the result is awful, sometimes awsome...
I am living in NYC for the next few weeks. If you think that is worth to try, just let me know. It should be an exchange of ideas and of course tasting, tasting, tasting...

Do you want an example? voilà... caffé limoncé:

add to a shaker following ingredients
- 1 spoon of sugar
- about 1 square inch of lemon skin (as thin as possible)
- 3 to 4 ice cubes
- 1 short espresso

shake hard and enjoy!
--> a perfect drink in summer or after a heavy meal, as it helps digesting!

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I am a fan of soy chi latte with a shot smirnoff vanilla with tons of ice! Perfect in the middle of the day.
Also I like to eat saltine crackers with capps yum
Experimenting is good.
I'm a coffee roaster, I have change things up a bit during the roasting process to make custom roast and to get a different result for testing and comparing. It's nice to take a coffee a liitle darker to give it some richness. Roast it a little lighter to allow soem the flavors to spand out a bit. Before roast blends, like are Espresso blend, is one that I combine 4 different origins of green beans and roast them all to one temp. But since this discussion was more about experimenting with drinks.... here's one.


2 short shots of espresso
one pack of sugar
3 oz. steamed half and half

Put the sugar in the cup that the shots are being pulled into, Add your milk

drink it.
I take a french press double the normal amount of coffee but brew it only 4 minutes with approximately 190 degree water.

Then I pour the double strength french press coffee into a glass of cold chocolate milk and ice. Sprinkle a small amount of cardamom on top.

I make this drink at home often because it is simple and very good if made with fresh roasted beans.
- 1 packet of raw sugar in bottom
- 1 shot of espresso
- half n half poured over a spoon after 1st shot of esp
- 1 more shot of esp
- more half n half pouring over spoon
- sprinkle some of your fav. topping (cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla)

Drink it down fast :)

Jason Coffee


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