Every morning, millions of people wake up to a hot cup of Folgers coffee. Others prefer gourmet coffee. Still, others prefer to grab a cup on their way to work. No matter the type you purchase, the production of coffee has resounding effects on coffee farmers in other countries.

Coffee farmers are dependent on the consumption of coffee (I know what you're thinking, duh!). A majority of the coffee lands that are cultivated are in areas that have or are currently conflict zones. For this reason, many coffee farmers have been hurt and devastated by landmines, which remain hidden from warring factions. To support these coffee farmer victims, the Coffeelands Landmine Victims Trust generates funds and gives coffee farmers loans to start businesses, support their family, and go back to school.

In previous years, the CLVT has helped people like Ramón Peralta Aguierre of Nicaragua. Ramón was just 25 years old when he stepped on a landmine while picking coffee. He lost both his legs in the accident. After recovering, Ramón used his microgrant to start his own coffee farm.

Whether we are coffee enthusiasts, coffee sellers, or casual coffee drinkers, we should work with the Coffeelands Landmine Victims Trust. I urge you to visit http://www.coffeelandstrust.org/ to learn more and become involved with this organization.

If you want to watch a short documentary, visit http://youtube.com/watch?v=rveBzh4avSs.

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