We can top this.

Iron Chef America - Episode 8 of Season 6 (2008) Show # IA0610 featured coffee beans as the secret ingredient. I didn't see the episode, but I understand Cat Cora used a Florida coffee and that there was little or no evidence of specialty coffee knowledge. Did anyone see this?

Iron Chef Cat Cora's Dishes
Coffee and Breakfast
Coffee Smoked Diver Sea Scallops
Coffee and Salt Dough Baked NY Squab
Coffee Braised Black Mission Figs with Robiola Cheese
Deconstructed Tiramisu
Layered Espresso and Mocha Panna Cotta

Challenger Ken Oringer's Dishes
Cassolette of Lobster and Sea Urchin
Slow cooked Egg with Parsley Root, Coffee Puree and Coffee Glazed Mushrooms
Black Truffle and Coffee Fondue
Venison Confit
Milk Chocolate and Coffee Geode
Espresso Cotton Candy

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I offer these ideas:

~ Porcini Rustic Tart with Ethiopia Sidamo cream

~ Crystals of Aged Gouda with Soft Boiled Eggs, Baby White Asparagus and Huehuetenengo Thumb Prints

~ La Esmerelda Crusted & Grilled Wagyu with Quenelles of Fig Chorizo and Vanilla Plantain Sauce

~ Finca Mauritania Ravioli filled with Chestnut Confiture served in a Parmigiano-Reggiano Tuille with Beurre Blanc

~ Medley of Guatemalan Coffee Caviars with Zacapa Centanario Rum Aspic served with El Injerto Granita

~ Tiramisu with Bolivia San Ignacio Mocha, Roasted Coffee Infused Black Cherries served with Kirsch Gelee
Well, here's a very simple one I'm working on this week-

We have a simple espresso blend at the moment, just Brazil Yellow Bourbon Natural roasted to first crack +4 minutes at 419 degrees- and Guatemala FTO Maya Ixil roasted to 1st + 4:30 at 421, then blended. It comes out peanut butter and jelly. I love it.
We're working on some simple white bread- homemade roasted/salted/ground peanut butter, couldn't be simpler, and grape preserves- farmer's market. Start with the shot, finish with a small sandwich.

Also- we'll be holding a contest for the next few weeks- the "sprobama" versus the "maverick"
Each time a 'sprobama' is ordered- $1.00 goes to Obama for president, each time a 'maverick is ordered, $1.00 to McCain.
Will post photos and results.

Also- I uploaded some good macro photos of Espresso pouring- at 2x real-size. Good detail, especially of my ancient spouts. They have since been replaced. :)
What's the score of Sprobama vs. Maverick?

I want one of you PB&Js!


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