Just been having a look through the comments below and there's a few recipes there I'd like to try. However, the vast majority of coffee related recipes seem to be sweet, desserts, cakes, drinks etc. Does anyone know some good recipes for savoury coffee meals? I thought there might be some traditional middle-eastern or turkish dishes with coffee in or something. I m a very enthusiastic cook so I'll give anything a try!
Also, I am broke, food costs a LOT at the moment here, so an ingredients list of a tight budget would be fab!!

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Hi Bel,

I keep running across Duck recipes which might be out of your eats budgets. But here is one for you - Coffee Roasted Duck with Black Mission Figs, Vanilla and Citrus. Subsitute with your favorite coffee (or not) http://archive.supermarketguru.com/page.cfm/10117
~ COWBOY BRISKET: Big beef, garlic & garlic, onions, apple cider vinegar, BACON drippings and black coffee http://tinyurl.com/cowboybrisket
Espresso cashew chili... I make a veggie chili, mostly beans and seasonal veggies, with the addition of cashews and extremly fine ground espresso. The espresso adds an almost peppery effect. Add the nuts and coffee early... Also an espresso balsamic marinated portabello mushroom (I serve it over sweet potato mash with asparagus...yum
Greg, You got me with the cashews! Do you prefer to use specific coffees with your recipes? Something from Caffé Pronto perhaps?
<> Generally something soft, sweet, mellow acidity, Brazils, Perus, some Panamas, PNG


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