Just Wondering If Any Of Us, Or If We Could Share A Little About The Crafts We Do, My Wife Makes Soaps And Candles, One Of The Things She Enjoys Is That After Smelling Soap And Candle Fragrance, She Appreciates When I PAN Roast In The House Because She Gets A Chance To Clear Her Nose From All The Floral ScentsOrganic Soaps Y Candles

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I hand stiched quilt hangings, henna tattoos, wood carving, and gourd art!
I'd love to see your gourd art, I'm gonna be posting some pics of gourd in the am from a friend of mine:-D

Tiffany Wimsatt said:
I hand stiched quilt hangings, henna tattoos, wood carving, and gourd art!
Heh there....

I make loads of stuff! Quilts, cards, and am going through a big papier machie phase at the moment with some rubber vases I picked up at Copenhagen airport after WBC - the links between coffee and craft continue! At some point I will get some picks up!
I make handmade ceramic tiles. It's a great hobby. My 7 years old daughter joined me recently and her tiles looks absolutely amazing. You can always use them like additional decoration in kitchen, bathroom or in any other room in your house. They are also a great birthday present gift.

I create hand crafted greeting cards to raise money for the ministry for women that I help run.  I also love to make mosaics, but don't get around to it much! I'm also a vocalist for a band that is on hiatus for the time being. Creativity is like breathing!

If Anyone Has A Website For Your Crafts I'd Love It If You Can Share Them. One Of My Objectives Is To Promote Other Craftsmen. I Also Accept Business Cards Being Sent To Me, I Am Able To Insert Them In Every Coffee Order That I Ship Out. Feel Free To Contact Me, If Interested. Thanks! 


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