Thought it might be interesting to see what everyone drinks, or is drinking at the moment...

This is my fridge inventory (running low):

Homebrew English ESB (Extra Special Bitters)
Budweiser American Ale
Sam Adams Winter Lager
Michelob Pale Ale

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What are some of the better pumpkin beers people are trying, if anyone is trying them?

Ughh... Sorry, Bry, but to me a pumpkin beer belongs in the same category as a pumpkin latte. But I'm a Reinheitsgebot kinda guy... barley, hops, and water. I make an occasional exception for Oatmeal Stouts and some of the fruited Belgians, but otherwise...

Fall seasonals that I love include Red Hook's Late Harvest and the Oktoberfest by Otter Creek. There are several nice Oktoberfests, but those two stick out.
I'm liking the Dogfishhead Punkin Ale, nice heavy body. Too many of the Pumpkin Ales are just too thin to drink. The Brooklyn Brewing Co. Pumpkin is really good too. I make an exception to the Reinheitsgebot of 1412 for Pumpkin Ales, since they are such an interesting American tradition.
Blanche de Bruxelles
Belgian white ale brewed with coriander and orange peel.
pours hazy- pale grayish yellow
smells of banana, clementine and wheat field
taste and body- smooth body taste of wheat and lemon

tasty, tasty
brewed year round
Recent tries are:
Walking Man Homo Erectus IPA- Very solid IPA. Well balanced, not over-the-top-hop, but the balance is outstanding. One of the better IPAs I've had recently.

Hair of the Dog Fred- Delicious. I was really impressed with this one. Clicky.

There have been more, but I'll leave it there.

at the moment one lonely bottle of Warrior IPA :-(
this is a hop bomb...citrus nose, very dry ...this is for the IPA lover
not much to the body
* pair this with a burgundian wash rind cheese and your mouth will sing
this one calls for a spoonful of stinky epoisses!
Been far too long since a post from me, but I no longer work at a micro-brew themed bar either... :/

Widmer Brothers' Pitch Black IPA is a hit. Friggin' hit. So delicious. Balance, balance, balance and such a great spin on traditional IPAs. I loved it. Grabbed a six, got 6 more.

@kevin... yoooooooou... you shutup you. I just moved out of Kalamazoo and the craving for Bell's is devouring me in a state where I can get none (WA). This is what I have come to call "the suck."

Plus Oberon opens in like... 4 days I think.


in my fridge....

BBC Dean's Beans Coffee House Porter

organic beans...

an American Porter 6.2 abv. This brew is a robust aromatic porter....scored 90 on Beer Advocate.

pours rich inky black....a head with some staying power...nice roasted, dark chocolate

nice afternoon lunch beer or a dessert beer.

Long time again!

Solid collection right now:

- my pride and joy is an '09 North Coast Old Stock Cellar Reserve (18 month barrel aged Old Stock Ale.  Yes please!)

- '09, '10, '11, '12 North Coast Old Stock Ale (3 of each for future vertical tastings)

- Ommegang Art of Darkness (Belgian Strong Dark Ale)

- Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale

- Seven Brides Lil's Pils

- Silver City Fat Woody (Scotch Ale)

- Unibroue La Terrible (Belgian Strong Dark Ale)

- Lost Abbey Angel's Share (barrel aged Belgian Strong Ale)

- Saint Bernardus Abt 12

- Walkabout Jabberwocky (English Strong Ale)

- Delirium Noel '11

- Leavenworth Black Lager

Excited to get into some of the ones I haven't ever tried!


quite the collection bryan...whatcha' waitin' for?


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