Drinking a lot of coffee when you think you might still be drunk from the night before (on the cusp of a hangover) makes me so giddy. I can't ever really tell if its good or bad. I'm thinking good. I'm thinking food...

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I say good. I have found that the key is to not drink too much water the day after. It will redistribute the alcohol into your bloodstream and give you a case of the queezies. But giddy is definitely good, much better that the grumps or the "I can't stand upsies" ;P
Aaaahh. I remember those days. I cannot play on the school nights any more. I do remember doing straight shots to get my groove on, on the morning after. It's fun for a few hours. Then you need a nice comfy bed.
I find it hard to make coffee when I get those "I'm still drunk" shakes and it's always a bad thing for me, although quite hilarious having to conclude that I may very well still be intoxicated.
now I forgot to add this:

passing out during the graveyard shift on your night off after drinking too much...PRICELESS!
when I read Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential" I look back on life working at that cafe and it reminds me of some of his stories.
I always stick to some oj, at least until I wake up. Then I start with various products of the bean.


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