Hey There fellow baristas/bariste of the US,
My Band Hermit Thrushes is doing another crazy tour and we want to hang with everyone, everywhere. And while I'll be bringing my fun time coffee box for brewing awesome delic(ious) coffee anywhere, I would also be down for consuming some dope coffee at YOUR establishment. Other things to possibly know, we will be touring in our really, really large van, so if a) you would like to ride share to any place we're going b) know anyone who wants to go somewhere we're going c) you or someone you know wants to ride incognito to a place or d) you or someone you know needs a stuff moved from one location to another (in the same city or another)

These are the most current dates (long tour...)
Jan 21st- Roanoke, VA @ the Bazaar 
Jan 22nd- Blacksburg, VA @ the XYZ Gallery 
Jan 23rd- Boone, NC @ 641 RPM 
Jan 24th- Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor jan 
25th- Asheville, NC @ Broadways 
Jan 26th- Atlanta, GA @ April's Place 
Jan 27th- Athens, GA @ GO Bar 
Jan 28th- New Orleans, LA @ the Saint 
Jan 29th- Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land! 
Jan 30th- Auston, TX @ Discovery Village 
Feb 3rd- Norman, OK @ Universe City 
Feb 4th- Fayetteville, AK @ Sang House 
Feb 5th- Lawrence, KS @ the Replay Lounge 
Feb 6th- Lincoln, NE @ The Clawfoot House 
Feb 7th- Denver, CO @ the Hi Dive 
Feb 8th- Grande Junction, CO @ Le Giragge
Feb 9th- Provo, UT @ the COMPOUND 
Feb 10th- Boise, ID (show's in Nampa, though) @ the FLYING M CAFE! (in nampa, duh?) 
Feb 11th- PORTLAND, OR!!! 
Feb 12th- Tacoma, WA @ the 808 House Feb 19th- Portland, OR @ the Zombie House 
Feb 13- Seattle, WA @ the Healthy Fun Times Club
Feb 19- Portland, OR @ the Zombie House
Feb 20- Bellevue, WA @ Ground Zero
Feb 26th- Tacoma, WA @the 808 House 
Feb 27th- Olympia, WA @ Grandma's House (and then the descent to SXSW by way of west coast in March)

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