IMO SCAA is more about the money than truly advancing quality coffee. Guess who's the Official Host Sponsor of 2014 & 2015 Big Event? Click for the answer...

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These same bean torchers hosted in 2005. I say, "Much ado about nothing." The question is: Does it change how you approach your coffee? Don't worry about what others are doing wrong, just keep paying attention to what you are doing right.

As far as the SCAA goes... Until they learn how to get corporate sponsors outside of the coffee world, they are stuck.  I went to the Coffee Expo in Seoul last year, it was fantastic... and it cost me $10. It also included chocolate and dessert expo as well. And if I would have signed up early, it would have been free.  They are sponsored by both corporate sponsors (most non-coffee related) and the city/state itself. In Korea they believe that having the world know that they are producing excellent products, coffee, and barista  and that it's a huge benefit to tourism/outreach and their place in the coffee/culinary world. If only our states or country could back the SCAA the same way, it would be a game changer.

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