I am wondering if anyone has a wholesale price determination model (for roasted coffee breans) they are willing to share.........


Building a spreadsheet where we put in the price we paid for green say anywhere between $3.20 and $3.75 per pound (would put in the actual price paid or the average price paid of a blend) - adding for average weight loss, labor for roasting/blending/bagging - bags, labels - is there a standard markup?  I can figure my lowest cost, and I can find what some of the larger roasters charge for bulk roasted coffee that is probably stale by the time it reaches the espresso grinder.............I can't compete on price.  Anyone want to share their process for pricing?

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friend request me and I'll send you an excel sheet.

You will always have to compete against large roasters, you'll just need to educate your customers on the difference in the product they are buying...local, sustainability for local and overall taste of product. As for a spreadsheet...don't forget, labor, shipping and gas (if you use a gas roaster). This should all be calculated per lb. Shoot for a 60% margin (profit).


Best I can offer for now.

Tried to do the friend request and send you my email but could have made a type o

Jeremiah Perrine said:

friend request me and I'll send you an excel sheet.

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