I'm stranded out in Capitol Heights just barely in DC proper for the next two months. I need suggestions for places I can go to find a variety of whole beans at decent prices. I only have a bicycle and access to the metro, so places in DC proper are my best bet.
Thanks in advance

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I was just in D.C. for little over a week and was having problems finding good coffee (with no help from the exchange, sadly). I was eventually directed to peregrine on Penn. ave. (its a little SE of the capitol, blue line to Eastern Market). It was a great shop (baristas were legit and they use counter culture coffee), but I don't think they sell whole bean. I was expecting to make it to Murky Coffee only to find out that both of Nicks stores are now closed. Supposedly he is opening a place in China Town in the next few weeks (on 5th and H I believe it was) that will be a roastery and cafe so that would be a good option..... hope that helps.
why not just buy online? you can get some aweome stuff from all over the world...until Wrecking Ball (nick cho's new place) or whatever it is called opens.
I would definitely go to Peregrine. It's across the street from the Eastern Market metro stop on Penn. Ave. and they do serve counter culture. The owner, Ryan Jensen, does a tremendous job and the baristas, as Derek said, are pretty good. And they DO sell whole bean. Give em a ring at (202) 629-4381.

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