What would you do? one of your baristas posted a real bad latte art pic on your cafe's fb page.

One of your baristas posted a real bad latte art pic on your cafe's fb page that you just happened to spot! we'r talking "really bad". You start thinking of all the negative reaction it is going to attract, and what if ppl think this is the standard of latte art at your cafe!!! and the "what ifs" start to pile on and on....Would you:

A- Decide to keep it so you don't hurt anyone's feelings, after all they meant well, no biggy, just chill and go to bed.

B- Keep the photo, but schedule an immediate one one/one training session with that same barista _at 10:00 pm (only time available)_ down 15 Espressos! then spend the whole night training them on how to pour some sick latte art, while pledging your shaky hands will get more artsy as the night progresses!

C- Meet with them the next chance avail, and inquire abt how and why things went south lately (latte art speaking).

D- Remove the photo and go to bed.

Interested in hearing what everyone might say.


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Like if something that you really don’t like online, you of course can remove it. But I would actually take it as a great opportunity for a chance at some really cool online social sharing content.

Here’s what I’m getting at:

If you ever have baristas who would really want to get a very good latte art and they are playing around of it and putting pictures online and sometimes the pictures are bad, then why don’t you make an agreement with them where you help them learn how to make better latte art and you post like incremental improvements online on your Facebook page. And what you can say to your Facebook followers and customers “Hey, check it out! Our baristas are being taught how to do really awesome latte art, they starting out right now, they are learning, and they are really getting cool so check back and see the progress”. And that’s just kind of a really cool little thing you can have in your Facebook page which will get people coming back and will get your customers interested. You could maybe even get some feedback from them and that sort of things. So think about something like that. 

- transcribed and posted for Joseph @ JR Mobile by Mark

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