I have been to almost every indy coffee shop in the Twin Cities, and I have talked with about half of the owners. I find it intersesting that most of them claim to have a unique shop that offers somthing different than anyone else. I want to know what the rest of the US is doing to truly be unique?

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Live music? Not my bag. But if you feel that your "experience" needs to provide live music, then go for it!
In order to do live music really well (and if you plan to generate any interest and make any money on it you'll have to do it as well or better than anyone in the area) you'll probably want to start looking into hiring a booking agent. They don't have to already have connections in the business (obviously this helps) but they do need to be organized and friendly. Start talking to other venues in the area and venues that are 2-3 hours away about how they book the bands that they do and whether or not they are open to a partnership. It's not easy to excel with live music, but if you can generate enough *constant* interest in it then it can be really fun and a great extra $500-$600 a week depending on your venue size.


Caleb said:
Don't worry about taking the thread in any direction that it may go. I am really enjoying the conversation and the different perspective that everyone has.

As a 15 year veteran in the retail world I have had my share of crazy kid stories. One of my hot buttons has always been kids standing up in shopping carts... I witnessed one fall out... it was really bad! As for children in coffee shops, it seems to be a rarer occurance that I ever see a big issue, probably because I never go to coffee shops where there are children. I have included in my plan to have childrens area that is enclosed in glass, so that parents can easily watch their children play while they sit with friends. This part of my plan is going to be very dependant on the geographic location of my shop. If the demographic calls for it I will probably make the investment. I get my car serviced at dealership that offers this amenity, and I really like it. On the flip side if the demographic of my area doesnt call for it I won't have it.

To pose another question to all of you, what do you think about live music in coffee shops?

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