What is your opinion of approaching first crack? Some roasters I've spoken with believe in slamming into 1st crack aggressively and then dropping heat dramatically. Others believe in dropping the heat before 1st crack to create a slow, steady rolling crack. What about you? Do you generally gun into 1st crack or do you cruise into 1st? Do you vary between particular coffees?

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My opinion of First Crack? A quite friendly chap and should always happen. Not so much I'll go so far as to say rarely Second Crack, awnry dude.


Ok, to answer question, yes it depends on the coffee. Don't ask how in what way(s) not going to write a book...! 

I'm going to chime in here, even though I don't know a lot about roasting. Cause I wish there was more roasting talk on this site. When i first started roasting (not that long ago) I would always kill the heat way before first crack, cause I always read about extending the time after first crack. This lead to some sour coffees, cause my drop temp ended up being way to low. Now I approach FC more aggressively. I still tone down the heat slightly right before FC hits most of the time, but now its just seconds before FC starts.
it really depends on the coffee and what you are trying to get out of it. i take the approach that it is all about momentum coming into first crack, not too much and not too little. but like everything else with roasting, you have to taste everything, do sample roasts with lots of momentum and sample roasts with less, then go from there

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