This morning a customer brought in some Stumptown Panama Esmeralda Especiale to share. What customer kindness are you thankful for?

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Last night, a very nice doctor came in. After he and his son finished their coffees he came up to the counter and said I was favoring my right side. Right you are, doc, sez I. It was the end of the day and my back was killing me. He offered to re-allign my back and with a quick pull here and a stretch there I was good as new. Best. Tip. Ever.
I experienced a lot of kindness at my last job while I was pregnant. I'm not sure if it was that kind of neighborhood, or if people really like pregnant women THAT MUCH more. :) People just wanted to hook me up with stuff in all sorts of ways, from baby stuff to cameras to roasting lessons. One guy brought his wife in to meet me who was also pregnant, and when I left on maternity leave, they made me a really sweet card. That was my favorite job ever because the people were so awesome!

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