What do you think about Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

Nitro cold brew coffee is based on cold brew coffee with nitrogen to have rich flavor and taste like Guinness black beer with soft texture. The combination of cold brew coffee and nitrogen at low temperature leads to molecular deformation that minimizes sour taste and increase chocolate-like taste and blackcurrant flavor. Nitro coffee has a lot of advantages including excellent taste and flavor.

What do you think about nitro cold brew coffee?

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I'm sure you'll strongly disagree with me but I'm not actually a fan of cold brew either with or without nitrogen. I do understand the attraction though so I've recommended it to many; just not my thing. 


I do not get the point. Not a fan myself.

Not a fan of nitro coffee.

For most of cafe it could be very costly. If not sold all waste.

Well I think its a really cool method of brewing coffee and also it taste great. Here is a article I read on one of the best nitro cold brew machines. 

KEG STORM NITRO Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you want to get into Nitro brewing coffee then the machine that I have listed above is the best brewer to get started nitro brewing coffee. 

There are many places here in the bay area that serve Nitro. Having tasted a few as well as serving it in our own cafe (Alchemy Collective Cafe), I can say it really depends on the cold brew recipe itself.  If you start with good cold brew, you just get CB enhanced with creaminess and whatever that subtle/indefinable flavor of the gas. I have had nitro that I hated, and could tell it was just bad coffee.

I also love having coffee on tap in the cafe. Plug in a fresh keg once or twice a week and let the coffee flow.

Maintenance can be annoying. Any coffee grounds in the keg can clog the spout and if you spring a leak anywhere in the gas line it can be a real hassle. 

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