Out of curiosity , In your shops respectively, what are some customer requests that you absolutely cannot/ will not comply with?

Do you make a 20 oz caramel breve with whip?

Do you pull a long shot?

Do you make a 200?

do you Ice the espresso or serve it to go?

Which rules are yours personally , which ones are store policy?

I've got a few of these myself but I would really like to hear from some others.

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Jason, the first thing as a Barista / owner of my business I had to adjust to and / or get over was my likes and dislikes. It's not about me anymore. It's all about the customer. Sure you have your theme and you need to stay with that. I'm not saying bend over backwards and give your shop away. Just the contrary, be really clear what you sell and learn how to make it. If your negative energy gets in the way, " I hate "no foam " lattes!" , the customer will not only get a bad drink but probably sense you really don't want them to order that anymore. Most will likely not come through your door again. How many barista's do you have working for or with you? They will pick this up from you and the impact will show eventually on your Z report.


Jason Campbell said:

This discussion is just what I needed....I have had some odd requests here in my shop recently. What is the obsession with Breve "no foam" lattes and how do you charge for that as half n half is twice the price of milk? I said no! And they just got a whole milk no foam latte...let me just say, I hate "no foam " lattes!

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