If you have a fridge where customers can reach in a purchase bottled water, sodas, etc, which brands do you have? We currently sell Pellegrino, Fiji and Boylan's in our case but I'd like to add a juice element. As much as I love Nantucket Nectar, I was hoping there would be other cool alternatives. I would love to learn about them!


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One of the great things about creating your own brand is you can certainly control your image. Part of your image may be that you want to carry bottled beverages that nobody else has. I used to order pallets of sodas that nobody had ever seen that were delicious and created quite a buzz. Here is a contact and a company and it certainly is worth looking into.


His name is Danny and here is what he had to say and a link to his website


But we do have 1600 sodas and yes I would really appreciate your putting up the link; we survive on word-of-mouth support so that’s one way to do it!





I think the other stuff to do is to private label your bottled water as well as looking for unique energy drinks.




In regards to DRY Soda, phosphoric acid is a naturally occuring preservative. My understanding is that a preservative of some sort is required to keep bacteria from growing (because of the sugar) and that citric acid left more of an aftertaste than phosphoric acid when they were developing the product. As for the flavoring, each flavor of soda is flavored only with the distilled flavor extract of whatever the flavor is (cucumber, rhubarb, vanilla), ie no other flavoring and no artificial ingredients of any kind. This is what I was told, as a salesperson representing the brand for their promotional tour this summer in portland.

David L said:

I just found a soda company called Maine Root.  They look interesting and I think I can get them from my food distributor in TX, so they are probably available all across the US.  They are Fair Trade certified, use organic cane juice to sweeten, and if you live in their local area (Maine), they distribute with bio-diesel trucks.  If I try them, I'll let everyone know what I think.


Maine Root is some of the tastiest commercial root beer I've ever had. The one I've always gone for (I think) is their original/standard root beer. Sorta heavy on the sassafras, which I dig a lot.
Coconut Water does great in our shop.  Kind of expensive but well worth it for all the health benefits, and customers appreciate that.

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