I'm planning on attending (volunteering at) the 2009 WBC, but I don't know my way around Atlanta (never been there). Where is the competition being held? It looks like the Georgia World Congress Center (SCAA e Magazine), but I'm not sure. Also, how easy is it to get around down there? I'm planning on just walking/public transit so I want to make sure I'm not creating an hour commute for myself from my hotel to the competition/exposition. Should I not go any farther out than downtown? If so what hotels should I look at? Any of them giving discounts? These are the things I expected to be able to easily find on the WBC/SCAA websites, but there seems to only be "More Details Coming Soon."

Anyone have any answers? Anyone else wondering these same things?


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No sooner do I post that than I find this on the SCAA website... doh!

Now my question changes... am I going to be able to get a hotel that isn't going to cost me in the neighborhood of $200 a night? I don't need a king size bed, separate work area... I need a place to crash after a long day. According to the "transportation" part it only takes 20 minutes from airport to downtown, so I can probably easily get outside downtown for cheaper hotels right?

Hey Bryan...MARTA is the way to get around not having to rent a car. MARTA (http://www.itsmarta.com/) will get you from the Airport to the downtown area. There are plenty of Hotel options that are near the World Congress Center. My recommendation would be to give Priceline a try. You should be able to get a good deal there.
if you need more info, feel free to contact me here at the office...

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