Hi there, just getting to know the Barista Exchange site and have a first question for you guys!

Currently prepping for my new popup coffee stand, set to soft-launch middle of next month. Have figured out pretty much everything except the (most important thing)... WATER. 

My stand will be inside a cafe, doing pour over with Hario drippers at the window for take-away service only. The cafe has a hot water machine/dispenser that can do 85-95degrees Celsius, so I guess its within a good enough range for what I need.  But, a very crucial point, the machine is located on the far opposite side of where my stand will be setup = roughly about 20 feet away. I can't imagine running back and forth to refill the kettle each time, especially if I get a solid flow of customers and people lining up. Its going to be crazy sprints all day long.

Wondering what the options are for a good water setup, if anyone has any advice it would be great to hear. 

One thing I am considering is just forking over the cash and doing one of these hot water towers (3Liter size) with temp control:


And then keeping it filled up as best I can during breaks-in-action. But I guess I will still need a quick boil option just in case, so I have to add a backup gas burner/electric kettle as well? Seems like I could be missing an easier way... or is this just the way it goes?

Please give me a shout, water expert friends ;) Help very much appreciated and badly needed!  

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I currently use just basic water filter jugs, but would love something a bit more high tech

I've used five gallon water jugs and a pump to fill kettles, but that's definitely not the easiest option.  It's cheap and it works.

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