I purchased a 2 group semi LM Linea (made in 2005) in an incredible good condition (almost like new) for around 4.5K . It was used very little - for no more than a year- and then carefully stored. The seller is a reputable merchant in second hand espresso machines and offers 6 months guaranty in addition to the fact that the machine will be fully serviced before delivery. The LM has not been PID'd and has no gicleurs.


The 4.5K paid for the Linea was more or less the same as I would have paid for my other two short listed machines (both brand new with 1 year guaranty): 2 group semi La Combali M22 Premium or a NS 2 group semi appia. 


In Mexico I don't have many more options apart from cheaper San Remos, Pavonis, Expobar and other brandless (which I didn't like anyway), so let's focus in the above options.


As you know a brand new LM Linea is close to 9K, but still I don't know if I should have gone for a new machine.


Your comments will be appreciated.








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That's what I would have done over the Appia for sure! I think you'll be happy.

The shop where I work uses a similar machine (2-group semi-auto Linea with no bells and whistles) and we've had almost no problems with it in more than 3 years of operation.  

As far as I know, the only thing beyond replacing the gaskets that has been done to the machine was replacing the original switches with a more robust design. (these: http://www.espressoparts.com/MZ_L287).

Thanks for your reply Jason. It gives some comfort about my decision for LM.

In relation to la Cimbali M22 Premium I am a little suspicious since no one talks about it in forums and it's a model that seems to be mainly sold in Mexico and Eastern Europe. It's a very basic model. The good and famous Cimabali models cost a whole lot more.

sounds like you made the right choice among those options.  good luck!
+1 to the wise decision.  They're built like tanks, pull great shots.

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