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I am going to need to order our equipment in the next 2 weeks or so, so watch out, you may all get lots of questions thrown at you.  

Has anyone used the Waring Ottimo dual panini grill? Good, bad? The price difference is 300 or so between it and the Nuova Simonelli.


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Haven't used the Waring but have used the NS, which I thought it was overpriced and not very well built. We're currently using a Star GX14IG 14"x 10" Grill Express everyday for 10hr for 3 years. I like single better than dual, just seems to have more usable grill space and only needs 120v. I figure I could always add another grill if I needed more capacity but I haven't had to. Make sure and get raised grill on both top & bottom, leaves nice grill marks and you won't be grilling meat on it anyways unless you want your veggie/vegans to freak out.
I agree on the star machine it is a much better built product and will last

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