I'm new to cold filtering and not many Australian cafes are doing it yet.
I just got two toddy's in the post from the states today and I threw a brew together straight away...

for this first time around, I have gone for a blend of Yirgacheffe and Kenya AA. I'm excited, it's a whole new way for me to trial and error with coffee....

Yay for Summer!!

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I'm still to get on the Toddy train... I really need to try some one of these days for sure.

Yeah! Try it, it's pretty delicious. We used it at the first cafe I where I worked for all our iced coffee drinks in place of espresso. I would never say that the two are interchangeable or comparable in any way, but it makes sense to start out with cold ingredients for an iced drink. We always brewed good old Colombian coffee through it, and I thought that was the perfect coffee for it. Unfortunately, looking back, we never experimented with other varietals. That could've been fun...

BTW, you can special order a giant size brewer that, I believe, brews 5lbs. of coffee at a time for those scorching summer days when you just blow through the stuff.
Yes! Try the cold brew concentrate with hot water to make hot coffee....like chocolate baby!
If it's Friday night, add in some bourbon! Woo!!

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