...cant find words, they are so different. Its not a factory, its a family, its all handmade, some 40 workers, knowing their job, enjoying, living life with La Marzocco. In less than a year, they improved some 10 parts and not for change only, but for better in terms of 1:10. New group heads with more thermal stability, new steam, ah...not to mention new La Marzocco machine that is build of; 3 groups, water boiler for each group, pump for each group so you can geek over pressure profiling and temperatures of water as much as you know...all the pipes teflon covered etc etc etc...its all so amazing, i promised not to talk about other machines when comparing them with La Marzocco but this is becoming something so different then any other business. Im from Croatia but ill use sentence from the U.S. and that is; YES WE CAN! La Marzocco can supply the best machine...

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those lever machines are NICE!!!
motion sensing paddles the newest innovation brought to you by LM!
I visited LM Milan office a couple of years ago and I share your thoughts. The guys there were very friendly and professionals. although I came impromptu, they immediately met with me, served me coffee, showed me the latest and greatest, and even let me pull my own shot! Cool guys.
Sounds like they're living up to their reputation. I'd love to visit that place!
I cannot wait to get my hands on this machine.

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