hey all, so one of our "schticks" is that we do viietnamese coffee; chicory & a good dark roast,(not too ashen or syrupy just dark enough to stand up to the sweetness of) condensed milk/ or condensed coconut milk. coffee/chicory slow driped over a glass with milk at the bottom of it. it takes time, 3 or so minutes. so my question is for the to go guests. do we set it up dripping for them and give them the glass of ice for when its done or do we handle all the dripping/mixing then pouring over ice for them? or circumvent the process by doing this en mass once in a huge batch early on in the am? i personally like the display & idea of each person having their own hands in the process of their own cup. how about you guys?


p.s. ive attached a picture for those who cant gather what i am talking about from my ramblings:P

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I actually brew vietnamese coffee using a large Phin as a dripper and do it as one big batch. Pour water over it...let it sit 4 times to make 1 big batch. Now I have black brewed vietnamese coffee. I would then add 1 condensed milk (the whole thing) and use that little can to measure two full vietnamese coffees and pour everything into a blender to create one jug of vietnamese coffee. Then refrigerate and pour over ice. Or for hot, just add about 3 oz of hot water and just steam the vietnamese coffee. Simple and easy.

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