naturally the most appropriate time to quit your wonderful job at phoenix coffee and move to chicago is in the middle of winter, in the middle of a recession, so here i am. i'm moving to chicago this weekend (i've gotta keep it in the midwest, son), and am wondering if anyone knows anyone at all who's looking for full or part-time baristas and can point me in that direction.

i'm just entering my third year of baristaness, i've got some skill, some barista compition volunteering, some scaa training and i'd be happy to send my resume out to anyone interested.

also if anyone wants to hang out and drink some coffee with me next week, that'd be cool to.

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I will be staffing a shop in the northwest burbs that we are setting up, It's still probably 6 weeks out for hiring and training. It will be right next to a Starbucks so I'll be looking for peeps with mad skills.
You should swing by Bridgeport Coffee Company. 31st St and Morgan on the south side.
thanks so much to both of you! jason, i'll be in touch, and tyler- how's life in kc?

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