I was really bummed out when I saw how much people were charging for pour over stations. I have seen some decent DIY designs, but none I really had the time or tools to replicate. All you need for this project was a vice, hacksaw, sponge and soap. I have no idea what any on these parts are called, but I do know I used 1/2" copper pipe and the fittings below. 


I cut the legs 9". I also cut out six 3" pieces and eight 2.25" pieces. That was pretty much it. The Harios seemed to fit nicely when I made the center pieces 2.25". After I put everything together and tested the sturdiness of the device, I took it apart and scrubbed it with soap and water. I could have gone for a 3 station but settled on 2. If I would have gone 3, I would have only spent about five more dollars.


This is the finished product. I would love to see some other designs. This is my first one, but I am planning on building one with a drip tray and drain. This whole project took about 2 hours and cost about $18.

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I got an idea!

You could pour a slab of concrete that fits under the bar, after you pour it just make an indent as deep as you want.  Then all you need is the metal grate.  I've seen metal mesh at hardware stores but not sure if it's stainless.  Then you'd just need to seal or lacquer the slab.  Not sure, but I'd imagine it would be a lot cheaper than those stainless steel trays, plus custom sized.  Or use legos.

Edward Chavez said:

Done. Thanx for the clear coat tip. But will save that for tomorrow.

Any ideas out there for a cheap drip trey.

Not a bad idea, but a bit unconventional for my home lab. considering im using a collapsible table.
If you used a 1/4" copper flange, you could attach this to a piece of wood fairly easily. This would also allow you to dissassemble the unit quickly and break it down for transport. I built most of the surfaces in my lab from pipes and flanges from the hardware store. Ikea sells butcher block countertops that work really well with these types of designs. I put my cupping table together in about 25 minutes.
Thank you to all who put their ideas on this posting.  It made me go out to Home Depot and build my own.  However, is 9" to high for the legs?  I was looking at it and it looks a bit high for the coffee to pour and I was concerned that the coffee would get too cold.  Feedback?
I would say accommodated for what you need. Such as putting a drip trey also the hight of you decanters. Mine stands about 7 1/2'' high. as for the heat loss. i would say any time you have your coffee maker suspended above your decanter there will be some added heat loss. so its important to preheat everything.

Honestly, I dont understand the overpriced pour over trend...its absurd. You can literally make them out of anything, and you actually dont need them at all. If you use V60s and Range servers, then all you need is a couple of scales. Im going to be a thief of good design and make something similar to the acrylic station sold on vissions. It looks amazing, and it can also be done under or about 20$ if you have the tools to cut it correctly.

I found the best solution for myself is to have a very slim and clean pour over station, with v60s, range servers, and scales under each server. Then if youre at home or even in a cafe far away from drainage, you can install a small 4x4 or whatever size drain, that drip through a tube into a trashcan or tub. Its super easy to make and cost next to nothing, about 8$ for the drainage. And it looks super nice, and works well.

You are right about these things being overpriced. I use the Hario not only for its simplicity, but it's the best and least expensive way to brew coffee at home. I have converted many people from "pods" and gentle nudged them in the direction of the V60. I am actually thinking about selling these at the farmers market because of how much demand I have had for them.

Here is my latest project:

Scott Birk

Epiphany Coffee

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