I was really bummed out when I saw how much people were charging for pour over stations. I have seen some decent DIY designs, but none I really had the time or tools to replicate. All you need for this project was a vice, hacksaw, sponge and soap. I have no idea what any on these parts are called, but I do know I used 1/2" copper pipe and the fittings below. 


I cut the legs 9". I also cut out six 3" pieces and eight 2.25" pieces. That was pretty much it. The Harios seemed to fit nicely when I made the center pieces 2.25". After I put everything together and tested the sturdiness of the device, I took it apart and scrubbed it with soap and water. I could have gone for a 3 station but settled on 2. If I would have gone 3, I would have only spent about five more dollars.


This is the finished product. I would love to see some other designs. This is my first one, but I am planning on building one with a drip tray and drain. This whole project took about 2 hours and cost about $18.

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Nicely done,


i  played around with copper pipe a little muhself a few months ago.   Not that you would need to but if you  lengthen  the center pipe a  quarter of an inch (from 2.25 to 2.5 inches) then the frame will fit both a  V60 and  beehouse  perfectly.


My last one had  two tiers,  a filter  holster and  a space so my baby chemex  wouldn't feel left out.

Do you sweet the copper or does it just fit together?
I used a copper specific soldering paste in the joints and then used a torch to heat the joints to around 430°. When the beads in the paste melt and seep into the joints then you know it's done.

In a pinch the butane burner upgrade for the vac-pots we all own but never use do the trick nicely.
Fits together perfectly for me. Snug, not worried about it coming apart.
Now obsessed with makeing one. thanx, probley headed out for the materials now.
Nice, very spartan.  Don't forget to clear coat so it doesn't oxidize and lose its bling.

Done. Thanx for the clear coat tip. But will save that for tomorrow.

Any ideas out there for a cheap drip trey.

So this is the finished design for my pour station. i used a 2.5" space to balance the v60. witch also works perfictly for balancing the Clever Coffee Dripper, Melita 1x4, V60 #1 and Filtropa #1 size cones. 


To cut the pipes i purchased a "junior tube cutter," a small clamp with a cutting disc inside. cost about 6 dollars and some change. made for a little more work but it makes a level cut. Other tools used were a fine tip sharpie, and L square ruler. All in all this was a really inexpensive and EZ Coffee related Arts and Crafts Project. By the way Totally makes you feel like man of the house when your done building shit out of copper pipes. 

That is very cool. I love the filter holder. I will definitely Include that in my next design.
Do yall think legos would be a good tool to use to build
Legos....bottle caps, popsicle sticks, pennies. I'm sure you could essentially fashion one of these things out of anything.

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