At our shop, we use an old La San Marco and the portafilter spouts have developed the ol' "don't tighten to the center anymore" syndrome.  A guy from our roaster was recently here and mentioned that we could just use some washers to space the threads so the spouts would screw on to the center.  I've also read that you can use teflon tape on the threads.  When I mentioned this to a machine tech, he said that we should NEVER use washers or spacers on the portafilters and that he could tighten them down enough so they were straight (one is about a quarter PAST center).  He also said that we should not be taking the spouts off to clean the portafilters, which is something we've been doing.


I am now thoroughly confused.  Is there somebody out there who can help me understand this issue a little better?

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We have a old rancillio and we had that problem with the porta filters going almost to the steam wand to tighten,so we inquired we where told that as the metal wears they do that but they sell gaskets to correct this problem we ordered some installed them stops right on the money with no leaking. As far as the portafilter we soak over night in purocaf as 1 piece we do not take apart.
I used to use something called locktite. Not sure if it's NSF certified or whatever but seemed to do the job well. Just put some on the threads, leave the spouts where you want them for a bit, then it will hold nicely.

I have a 3-group Aurelia. A vice (being careful) to tighten the spouts is the only way to go. Finger tight will rotate the spouts perpindicular to your machine...

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