We have Serial Number 0057 Slayer at one of our shops. We are leaning down our staffing, and unfortunately that means we need to go to a volumetric machine. We love the Slayer, but it needs to go to a new loving home. It has the beautiful wood handles on the portafilters and has the optional cup warmer. We will throw in a modified Mazzer Super Jolly as well. It is now doserless with a timer added on. We would sell it, or if you would rather, you could take over our lease. Send me a message if you are interested and would like more info.

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How much?

Send me the details of your lease for takeover.

hey send me some details please. where is it located?



Just an FYI, we had a tech in this past week to replace a couple lines and seals. I was blown away by the difference that made. Whoever gets this thing will not be disappointed.

HI jeff just notice you are in canada , well how much do you want for the machine,  might be interested, need more info please.

Hi Jeff, I'm interested buying the machine if it's still available. Could you please send some info. Thanks.

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