Ugh... two new coffee makers and both taste like "plastic"... how to address this?


So I purchased a brewmaster coffee maker, the kind where it holds the coffee in the top of the maker and you press your mug to dispense it.That was OK, but it had a TINY bit of plastic taste and it burnt the coffee every time due to the way it heated it.
I returned that and picked up a GE 5 cup maker at Wal-Mart.The coffee/water smells/tastes sort of like plastic... not a pleasant thing.Granted both of these were less than $30 but I just want a 5 cup maker. I can't seem to find any quality 4,5, or 6 cup coffee makers and don't want to have to use those "coffee pod" packet things.
Any suggestions on how to avoid / deal with this problem?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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The craziest thing happened. I stayed at a friend's 95 year old mothers home in a resort vacation town ( she was in a retirement home) and the only coffee maker she had was a speculator. I added my caffe umbria dark roast coffee and let her perk. Folks, I was impressed. I then went on eBay and bought a brand new one. I swear, peculators are being overlooked.

Just return it. Change to a stainless and glass one

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