Advice anyone????? :)

So the grinder at this new cafe I’m working at has been a pain in the arse.

I can’t seem like to set up the ground so that the colour turns yellow and pale at around 25-30 seconds. It takes like 40 seconds or more! And the taste is very very bitter at 40 seconds. But everything else seems to Ben correct.

Here’s a vid of a shot being poured

Here are the details of the current settings

Double shot powder weight: 20g
Espresso liquid in 29 seconds: 55ml
Machine temp: 125 degrees 
Machine pressure: 12.5 bar

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Have you considered disregarding colour entirely, but instead, focusing on adjusting yield and time to achieve the best drink?

How about if you start off by seeing what yield tastes the best and from there fine tune time for that yield to dial it in even more.

You could, for example, start off by being sure that you're somewhere close. From the numbers you've given I'd say you are.

OK, so after making sure that you have 20 grams in your basket, adjust your grinder so that you get 40 grams of expresso in 30 seconds. 

That may not taste anything like the best but it will give you a good starting point.

Then, run it for shorter times and longer times to see what you think tastes best. 

Then, having determined what yield you prefer now adjust the grinder for slower and faster achievement of that yield. 

I'm certainly happiest when I don't see any blonding to speak of. 

Oh, and 12.5 Bar? 

Don't see that too often. 

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