i sort of cringe a little when i get handed someones nasty travel cup and i look in there to see layers of sludge and dried coffee inside. i think how nasty this cup of coffee will be no matter how good i make the coffee it will be tainted by hundreds of previous cups. i like to fill it with some water from the hot water tap on the espresso machine. beyond this possibility of the tainted coffee isnt there a health and sanitary concern? i just dont like to touch something that has clearly not been cleaned or has been rolling around in someones car for days with stale rank nasty coffee in it.

does anyone ever think of a policy stating that we wont wash your cup for you?

anyone else feel the same?

thanks for your time.


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kinda like no soup for you.
I wish I had a camera when this dude came into the shop with some vintage gas station mug that the inside of the cup was hella dark. I offered to wash/clean it out for him too. He gave me that evil eye and said, "Son this cup is older than you, do you have any idea how long it took me to season this?"
Jake Elia said:

kinda like no soup for you.


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