Anyone know a good way of doing a quality tea service to go?  What we want is to steep the tea in-house and separate the tea leaves after infusion, but still give the leaves to the customer to re-steep.  The special lids I've found only work if you have a tea bag attached to a string, which we don't want.

The best idea we've come up with so far is putting the steeped leaves at the bottom of a to-go cup, then nesting another cup with just the tea on top.  It just doesn't look very nice, and leaves the bottom of the tea cup soaked with tea juices.  Is there some other special cup/lid made for this purpose? 

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At last year's SCAA Event in Houston I saw a company making paper cup french presses that would likely work fairly well for to-go service.  Only issue would be the in-ability to remove the leaves as they would be squished down on the bottom of the cup.  Might be worth experimenting with.  Don't remember the name of the company, however.

The Brewlux Emily posted about seems worth exploring too.  Seems like most customers won't want to have to deal with removing a big basket of dripping tea when they have left the cafe. 

Nice!  Pretty much what I was looking for, thanks!

finum have self filling teabags, they are pretty good option for fast moving environment. would mark the cup for brew time, so client doesnt oversteep. else abids are brilliant, but you cannot give them the leaf easily. best bet is the finum bags. 

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