Hi all,
I was wondering if I could get a few opinions about the cleaning regimen of a two group Astoria in a low to mid volume shop.  My employer maintains that the group heads must be entirely disassembled and soaked in Cafiza every night.  We make maybe 75 espresso drinks a day.  I suggested that regular backflushing and scrubbing would suffice (especially more than ONCE a day) and this got me in big trouble.  I worry for the screws and brass dispersion plate.  Any input?

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Daniel King Pizzutti said:
I agree 100% Brady, although the only Pallo brush I've seen, the scoop is less then a dime(just about right). Maybe they had older models?

Oh, now that you mention it I guess you are right, the scooper is about the same diameter of a dime. What I meant is that you dump as much powder into the blind as will spread to about the diameter of a dime. If you dump the Pallo scoop it spreads to a much bigger circle... a quarter at least.


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