We've been using them for years... tried the Blendtec which was MUCH louder...

Most of ours are in counter on rubber pads... staff always instructed to close lid before starting and waiting for full stop before opening. BUT STILL...

I did see Coffee Bean in L.A. had this little in wall deal with mini folding doors... but of course the doors were broken after a week.

Anybody know of some magic we can perform?


Cayman Islands

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You can't do a sound enclosure? It isn't hard to google. Try "blender sound enclosure" because I just did and got about 1,000,000 links for how to build one.

I'm getting too lengthy in my replies and my driving point is getting lost I think...

Put the blenders physically lower to the ground. There is no rule or regulation about this and it will help the noise from leaking into the customer area.

You know... I just realized I never talked about the fact that our switch for the blender is above counter. They're technically always on, but only when we push the button above the cupboard does the blender actually start. We push it again for it to turn off. That way we aren't crouching way down to press little buttons or anything. You just lean over a little to grab the pitcher when it's done or to pick it up when you're first starting.


Yes, our Blendtecs are soooo loud I am thinking of putting up a plexi sound barrier n the counter!

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