Whats the best tip jar sign you have seen or written?

"remember tipping only hurts cows"
"family captured by ninjas, need money for karate lessons to save them"

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My personal favorites are the outrageous pictures of our regulars that are on our tip jar. That's pretty fun, people always get a kick out of their neighbors being a bit out of wack.
i used to have this at a cafe i worked at ages ago- people tipped just cuz they laughed so hard.
i also put a bunch of cute robots holding signs saying "we need your change for fuel" but some a*hole kids stole/broke all my toy robots.
they were kinda expensive collector toys too. i was PISSED.
lindsaytron said:
i used to have this at a cafe i worked at ages ago- people tipped just cuz they laughed so hard.

WOW, that's great! I used to have that "BA" action figure (and Murdock too) back in the day. Talk about a blast from the past...
Thanks to Miss Patty:

Baristas don't get government bailouts
Please tip, my boss is CHEAP
Every time you don't tip, a unicorn dies
We're raising $700 Billion for rich folks
I guess there's no "right way" or "wrong way" to do this. Sometimes it's a combination
of understanding human nature, and an owner's background. This particular shop invites
parents to bring kids. Now I understand why. (see attachment)
Please tip. We are trying to raise $700 billion for rich folks.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! i would give you all of my money!!!
...granted you'd only get a nickel, but still.

Katie Cline said:
Every time you don't tip, a unicorn dies
Wow, did anyone go and read all the comments on the page Mallory posted?
"Give us the money Lebowski" great one I want to use that :)
also "God knows when you don't tip" the shop I work for is run through a church and holds 3 services on Sunday :)

Recent tip jar favs, we like to use dry erase markers to decorate the jar,
"Do not make direct eye contact with jar it's very persuasive"

Mallory said:
We have, "If you fear change, leave it here."

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