Well, its finally time.
I've spent the last three years in Boston learning its coffee culture inside and out. Having worked at commercial and independent shops, I have a pretty good scope of knowledge on how both work up here. However, the West Coast calls and Portland looks like the best option for me to set up shop. I have extensive management experience and have helped organize bar training, product purchasing, and store renovations at my current job. It will be sad to leave, but I'm eager to expand into a totally different market and part of the country. Obviously, I'll need a little help finding a shop to call home once I get to Portland, but more importantly I have little to go on in terms of what to expect. Has anyone moved to Portland recently, or know someone who has? Anyone looking for an extremely eager barista, worker, or manager? At the very least, what should I know that can't be found in travel guides, metafilter posts and other common sources of info? Any and all experiences are greatly appreciated, and I'm always looking for fresh opinions and advice.

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I'm about to add to the number of baristas looking for work in Portland. I'm hoping to move in May. Hopefully I can find something. Any suggestions as to where to start looking?

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